Extreme Programming:
So Crazy It Just Might Work
FICT 2005 Toronto

Presentation Slides:
> Flash

Books I've read on XP:
Extreme Programming: Embrace Change - Kent Beck et al.
Planning Extreme Programming - Kent Beck et al.
Extreme Programming Applied - Ken Auer, Roy Miller



Drawing with Code
FlashForward 2004 San Francisco

Presentation Slides and Files:
Download here (ZIP)

Mentioned Resources:
Helen Triolo's SVG Renderer
Peter Hall's ASVDrawing Classes
Ric Ewing's Advanced Drawing Methods



Strategies for Scripted Animation
FlashForward 2003 San Francisco
Flash in the Can 2003 Toronto

Easing Demo and New Equations:

Color Toolkit (tint, brightness, contrast):
download here



Dynamic Drawing in Flash MX
FlashForward 2002 New York

Presentation Slides and Files:
Download here (ZIP)

Christmas on Acid - The Vestibules
Something's Wrong with Gilligan's Island - The Vestibules